Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Highs and Lows

This month has been full of highs and lows and while many tears had been shed; laughter and smiles have been shared as well.  To start things off this month Jean started her first day of school (3-yr old preschool)!  She was super excited about it, but I think she was even more excited about the backpack Bill and I bought for her.  She’s in love with Princess’s right now and LOVED her princess backpack.  She proudly wore it to school on her first day.  I even had time this month to download the photos of her and make a couple of 1st day of school scrapbook pages! 

Template: Three Four Shut the Door Tempate Set From Little Rad Trio



Almost right after school started for Jean, Charlie had his 2nd birthday.  We celebrated it with family and friends at a nearby park.  The weather did hold out, however it was touch and go as it started to down pour about an hour before his party, but by the time things got started the rain was gone.  The only real problem we had that day was my bad directions.  Everyone ended up at the wrong park!  Charlie loved all of her presents, but I think his favorite present was the one from his Uncle Tom and Aunt Laura; they got him a toy fire engine.  Charlie plays with it all the time, but the one thing that Uncle Tom and Aunt Laura forgot to wrap up was ear plugs for Mommy and Daddy.  That this is loud!  This is where I will admit I am a “bad” mommy.  I haven’t downloaded his birthday pictures yet, so no photos to share right now, maybe next month?!?!?!

Now that about covers the first week of September!  From that point on its’ been a complete mess.  I left the day after Charlie’s birthday to go out of town for meetings for nearly a week, just to come back and leave again.  Unfortunately that trip was cut very short.  Usually if I’m able to come home early from being out of town I’m excited, but this time was different.  I received a call from my mom early Tuesday morning to inform me that my aunt who has been battling on and off with breast cancer had lost her fight.  My family knew she had been very sick, but didn’t expect the cancer to take her away from us so soon, and suddenly.  In memory of my aunt, I have changed my Facebook photo and will keep it the way it is until the end of October, which is Breast Cancer awareness month.  I hope it serves as a reminder for all woman over the age of 40 (or younger depending on family history) to go and get a mammogram.  For those who haven’t seen my Facebook photo here it is.  (Using the “Think Pink” page kit from ViolaMoni and Miss Mis Designs).  I also have created a second Facebook photo for anyone to use who wishes to show their support for Breast Cancer awareness in October.

I hate to finish my blog post on such a serious note, but I think for this month this is a fitting end to my post.

Until Next Time…

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