Monday, June 10, 2013

It's June.... Really?!?!?!

Wow what a busy month.  What happened to May?  Now that June is here summertime activities are starting up, and before I know it, I’ll be dragging my kids to graduation parties, BBQ’s, parks and the lake.  Plus Bill and I are thinking of putting the kids in a tumbling class (we still have to decide).  Already in May we’ve done so much.  Earlier this past month was Jean’s 3rd birthday, then we took the kids to the Detroit Zoo, (this was Charlie’s 1st visit to the zoo), and finally we wrapped up the month with the Memorial Day parade in St. Clair Shores.  Of course we have tons of photos from everything (except the parade, Mommy accidentally left the camera at home).  I’m working right now on scrapbooking a lot of the photos, and I can’t wait to share my pages with everyone!

Mommy had a busy travel month for work, I started off going to Kalkaska MI for a couple of days and rounded off the month with a week long conference in Orlando FL (of course Mommy had to enjoy a ½ day at Disney World, Magic Kingdom just to scope it out for a future vacation).  The whole time I was away I missed the kids like crazy, I nearly cried at Disney when I saw all the family’s there having fun.  Now Mommy is in Scranton PA for the week, and I'm looking forward to being home and staying home for a couple of months after this trip.

On a very happy note I think Jean has finally figured the whole potty training things out!  Memorial Day weekend Bill and I decided it was time to cut the cord (or should I say do away with the pull-ups).  Jean went the whole weekend in just underwear (other than bedtime), it was a disaster (and a huge mess).  I was washing underwear and pants constantly wondering what the heck I was thinking.  I thought that after Saturday she would figure things out, but when Tuesday came and she was going back to daycare with no success at home I just about gave up.  The week after Memorial Day was slightly better than the weekend, but only slightly.  We finally had a breakthrough the Friday after Memorial Day when she went potty at daycare, and then at home (multiple times)!  Since then she's been doing great with very few accidents and she's even now telling us when she has to go "potty"! Although whenever we go out now she 'always' needs to use the potty, and then announces to everyone that she went 'pee-pee' on the potty afterwards!  Below is a scrapbook page I created for Jean of our potty training experience.  I used Trixie Scrap Designs Bratitude elements, glitters, papers and alpha, and Seatrout Scraps Bright and Breezy Template Set Part 1 to create the page below!  

From Trixie Scrap Designs:
Bratitude Elements
Bratitude Paper
Bratitude Glitter
Bratitude Alpha
From Seatrout Scraps:
Template Set Bright and Breezy Part 1
Not only is Jean becoming a big girl using the potty I can’t believe how fast Charlie is growing up, (I know I always am saying that the kids are growing up too fast).  I feel like he was just a little guy barely walking and causing almost no trouble.  Now he’s running around like a mad man and getting into everything that’s not locked up.  Between him and his sister I need to have eyes in the back of my head.  I just finished a scrapbook page of Charlie from photos I took the beginning of May and was comparing it to another page I created using photos from last August, boy has he gotten big!  What do you think, take a look at the layouts and see how big my boy is getting.  The first layout is from last August (using Trixie Scrap Designs That's my Boy and North Meet South June 2013 Templatetetopia Template), the second page was from earlier in May (using Trixie Scrap Designs One Crazy Kid and Brie-utiful template set from Seatrout Scraps)

From Trixie Scrap Designs
That's my Boy Page Kit
That's my Boy Word Art
That's my Boy Bonus Paper
That's my Boy Card Stock
From North Meet South:
June 2013 Templatetopia 

From Trixie Scrap Designs
One Crazy Kid Kit
One Crazy Kid Page Titles
One Crazy Kid Card Stock
From Seatrout Scraps:
Brie-utiful Template Set

Well that's about it for now, I'll keep everyone posted on my family and the fun things we are doing as the summer progresses.  So what are your summer plans, (or summer bucket list)?  

Unit Next Time...

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