Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally some photos!!!

I've been up to my knees with work, kids, household chores, and of course getting some really cute scrapbook layouts done (in my spare time of course) =)

Last week was a little hectic, but we made it through.  Charlie went in on the 16th for tubes in his ears.  I have posted just below photos from that event.  He did so good, I was so proud of him!!!

2-page layout created using "Dr Feelgood" from Designs by CRK and Studio Cappuccino
While we were at the surgery center waiting for Charlie to have his procedure done it dawned on me that "wow he's almost a year old"!!!!  I did get a little misty eyed thinking of my little baby getting older, and I felt like I needed to take a walk down memory lane, so I decided to take a look at some of his old pictures (especially the ones I haven't scrapbooked yet).  I came across his ultrasound photos, (I have ultrasounds of him since I was only 6 weeks pregnant).  I thought about what to do with these pictures as they were very precious to me.  I was able to watch my son grow before I could hold him in my arms.  I don't know what made me think of a shirt my sister used to wear when she was pregnant, a red shirt with white lettering that said "Under Construction" but it got me thinking.  Karen Diamond Designs (KDD) one of the designers who's CT (creative team) I am on has a kit that was just getting ready to be released, called "Under Construction".  So to preserve these memories I started to work on a scrapbook page for Charlie's album and this is what I came up with.
Page created using "Under Construction" by Karen Diamond Designs
I think the layout is really adorable and very boyish.  Bill likes it, but he's not too sure about the 3D ultrasound picture, he says it freaks him out just a little.  I loved the 3D photo as I was able to see my little boy's face.  I'm getting misty eyed right now thinking about it.

Finally in one of my previous posts I wrote about my vacation up north.  I have been dying to post this layout for a few days now, but alas I had to wait for the kit to become avaliable for sale.  I had so much fun with my kids playing on the beach and in the water and I had an equally fun time preserving this memory in a scrapbook page.  So here it is...

"Day at the Beach" by Adorable Pixels

What do you think??  They loved the beach, and the water!!!!

For my scrapbooking friends out there if you like what you see go check them out (links provided below the photos).

Well my family and I are in for another busy weekend.  We have a party tomorrow night, and another on Sunday afternoon!!!  Not to mention some catching up on chores my husband and I have to do this weekend.

Hope everyone is having a great summer, I know I am!!!!

Unit Next Time....

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