Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Challenge

I just wanted to take a few minutes this morning to post a scrapbook page I did of my son.  The picture was taken in April of 2012 and I finally had a chance to do something with it.  I am just realizing how fast he is growing up.  Just a couple of months ago he was perfecting the art of rolling over and now I can't keep him still for more then a moment or two.  It is amazing how quickly he is growing up.  It is hard to believe that he is almost a year old, (nearly as hard to believe as my daughter being 2)!  I still remember holding them when they were newborns.  Watching my children grow is one of my favorite things to do, but while I'm looking forward to their futures I am careful not to miss the hear and now.

One of my biggest challenges as a working mother is finding a balance between work and family.  Sometimes I feel almost like a robot when I get home from work at night, just going through the motions of dinner, and bedtime routines.  There are many nights that I wonder if I'll ever get the chance to spend more (fun) time with my kids.  I had ambitions of taking them to the park after dinner, or just going out for a walk, but there never seems to be enough time.  I am scared of missing out on something with my kids because things are hectic; and if I don't do something about it I'm going to miss out on the little moments that makes parenthood so great. 

Therefore, I propose a challenge to myself, and anyone who may read this posting, stop and take a moment every day to really look at your children.  Put down your smartphone, I-pod, I-pad and other electronic devices and really look at your children, and while your hands are free give them a hug, give them a kiss, let them know how special they are to you.  I am going to take this challenge up a notch for me and I'm going to challenge myself to spend quality time with my children every night.  I'm not going to set a time limit, as things do come up and sometimes you have less time (or more) to just sit with your child(ren).  I am not going to be concerned with what house work/chores needs to be done once the kids go to bed while they are awake, I'm going to force myself to pull out the stroller and take those walks with my children instead of getting a head start on evening chores. 

I will post my progress on my challenge and urge you to make comments on my blogs along the way as to what worked for you and what didn't work.  Sharing stories of how you were able to find/make time for your kids is not only fun but helpful for others (such as myself) who are struggling to do this. 

Charlie April 2012
Credits: Photo Kelly Guertin
Scrapbook page created by Kelly Guertin using "Little Boy Fun Kit" by Twin Mom Scraps
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