Monday, July 9, 2012

Maryland Vacation

Alright so I'm going to keep going with this blog if it's the last thing I do.  I am bound and determined to keep this thing alive.  It has been a busy busy busy month!!!!  Aside from work, kids, and housework I haven't had much time to do anything else (well other than prepping for a week long vacation to go to Maryland to see my husbands brother and sister-in-law). 

The adventure began with the purchase of a new mini-van (yes I am officially a mini-van mom) the Thursday before we left.  After weeks of deliberation my husband and I settled on a Grand Caravan, (so far we are liking the choice we made).  Friday evening after work we packed up the van with all of our stuff (and we had a lot of stuff).  We sat down to watch a few minutes of T.V. before heading to bed to get some rest before the long trip, only moments later we had a phone call from Bill's brother saying they didn't have any power and they didn't think it was going to come back for a few days. 

Okay... back-up plan, we were going to have a stay-cation instead.  The next morning we unpacked most of the van and headed over to grandma and grandpas for the day.  Bill and I made a list of activities to do with the kids that week around town starting with a trip to Cabela's, (Sunday's trip). The stay-cation idea turned out to be pretty cool.  I was looking forward to now spending time with the kids and taking them to places around town we haven't been able to go to.  Jean loved Cabela's!!! She watched the fish in the pond and fish tank, and loved the "stuffed" animal displays, (I don't think she realized that the "stuffed" animals were alive at one point in time).  By the time we put the kids to bed Sunday night they were pooped out, and so was my husband and I, but before we could sit down we had a call from Bill's brother again, their power came back on, so it was back to packing the van (for the second time).

Monday morning came and as soon as we could we loaded up the kids and drove away.  The trip out to Maryland was uneventful (as was the trip home).  While there we enjoyed the air conditioned house as the temperatures outside were in the upper 90's with nearly 100% humidity.  Although we did venture out with the kids on a few occasions.  We took the kids to a petting zoo, Jean loved feeding the animals while Charlie watched everything in the comfort of his stroller.  We also took the kids to the Baltimore Aquarium.  That was less enjoyable for Jean, for some reason she didn't seem as interested in the fish as we thought she would. 

All in all it was a great trip.  The kids spend time with their cousins and Bill and I were able to sit back and relax a little.  Well that's all for now, (I'll try to post pictures here soon). 

Until next time...


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