Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My little girl is 2

Wow I can't believe it my little girl is growing up so fast.  She just turned 2 years old this past Saturday.  In a matter of 2 short years she had grown from a newborn baby to a little girl.  While I wish she could stay young forever I know that will not happen, and I look forward to watching her grow as the years go by.

Jean celebrated her birthday by having a Minnie Mouse themed party with her cousins.  She loved her cake (it was like she was just turning 1 again the way she ate it), and she loved her gifts (she even let her older cousins help her open the presents).  It was adorable to watch them all interact, I'm looking forward to when they get together up north this summer, they are going to have so much fun. *I will have to get around to posting my scrapbook pages of the event*

The next big event will be my son turning 1, wow only 4 more months.  Wow how time flies by when your chasing after kids.  It's been a fun ride so far, and I can only imagine it getting better in the further.  I am so lucky to have two beautiful kids and a loving husband.